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Terms & Conditions

Planning and Project Management

Mosaic Space will develop a plan based on extensive experience with similar projects at other universities.


Throughout our projects, Mosaic Space will brief key stakeholders on progress, immediate plans and key issues as required.

Policies and practices: Equal Opportunity, Health and Safety

Mosaic Space has policies and practices that support the equitable treatment of all people associated with or affected by its activities. In particular, these aim to ensure compliance with all relevant legislative requirements such as the Race Relations Act, the Disabilities Discrimination Act and the Sex Discrimination Act.

Mosaic Space believes in the importance of a safe and secure work environment, and has a company policy on workplace health and safety. This is supported by appropriate insurance provisions for public and employee liability.

Mosaic Space has a policy of transparent and ethical corporate behaviour, respecting the rights of others with particular regard to intellectual property and fair dealing.


Mosaic Space maintains an appropriate level of insurance for each project.