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Audit-M WorkSpace Audit Tool

Cost effective, accurate and easy to manage workspace audit tool

Audit-M WorkSpace is the easy software solution for space utilisation audits in educational institutions because it enables data entry on smart phone or tablet at point of collection. Eliminating data re-entry saves money and reduces errors while automated checking gives confidence in audit accuracy. Qualitative data can be acquired during audits and associated with timeslot of collection.

Audit route instructions can be provided to the auditors on their mobile smart devices and audit performance tracked over time. Incomplete audit targets can be rescheduled automatically. Abnormal results can be flagged and checked with follow-ups scheduled it future audit routes.

Audit-M WorkSpace has automated reporting to RUIS to help remove the burden of formal governance reporting. Good quality data with proven reporting templates makes it easy to inform key space management decisions.

Flexibility is key. Audit-M WorkSpace allows auditing of all workspace areas including offices, open-plan and post-graduate research areas.

Audit-M WorkSpace is the complete and comprehensive tool to help any good space/audit manager equip their audit team for success.