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RUIS Saves Time

Fast, efficient and accurate space utilisation reporting

Most education institutions need to produce building utilisation reports, either for internal use or for statutory reporting to government agencies. This can be a time-consuming and labour intensive task. RUIS is specifically designed to assist space managers to produce reports quickly and easily.

The data import files required by RUIS have been deliberately designed to be as simple as possible while still allowing for rich and powerful room utilisation reporting. This enables a close tie-in with timetabling systems that facilitates exporting timetable data using pre-defined templates that can be used again and again. No keying in or editing of data is required, saving a great time of time in producing utilisation reports.

RUIS also contains a number of features that speed up the reporting process. Data filters can be defined and saved, so if an institution has a special set of parameters needed to drive the utilisation reports, these can be entered and saved for future use. The software also contains report templates that allow users to pre-define a large number of reports for processing and export. These report templates are permanently stored in the RUIS database and can be accessed when desired.

For example, a space manager needs to extract timetable data from a Facility CMIS database and produce a standard set of utilisation reports every year. This is achieved by using pre-defined List Definitions in Facility CMIS to write room and event information to text files. These files are processed by the Facility CMIS / RUIS Data Translation Interface to convert the output to RUIS format, and the resulting files are then loaded into RUIS. The user accesses the Report Settings page to command a saved data filter to be used to create the reports. The final stage is to use the Report Templates page to automatically generate more than 30 room utilisation reports and charts, which will be saved by RUIS into Excel spreadsheets.

Attempting to reproduce the above example manually would take days of work and would be prone to data processing errors. With RUIS, the entire process can be completed in less than an hour.